Yakovlev Yak 130

A subsonic two-seat advanced jet trainer/light attack aircraft or lead-in fighter trainer 
developed by Yakovlev and Aermacchi. Development of the plane began in 1991, and the maiden flight was conducted on 26 April 1996. In 2005, it won a Russian government tender for training aircraft, and in 2009 the first planes entered service with the Russian Air Force.

Lockheed T33 Shooting star

American jet trainer aircraft. It was produced by Lockheed and made its first flight in 1948 piloted by Tony LeVier.
While using the single seat Thunderjet F84 fighter by the USAF Thunderbirds team, a two-seat T-33 Shooting Star served as the narrator's aircraft and was used as the VIP/Press ride aircraft. The T-33 served with the Thunderbirds in this capacity in the 1950s and 1960s.

Cessna 177 Cardinal

A light, high-wing general aviation aircraft that was intended to replace Cessna's172 Skyhawk. First announced in 1967, it was produced from 1968 to 1978.

The model featured is a thunder tiger artf kit with a wingspan of 67".A Saito 72 four stroke provides the power.